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Whether it’s you, a loved one, a family member or a friend in need, if you need advice on how to help yourself or others, or if you just need someone to listen, please get in touch. We’re here to help.

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“I had excellent advice and understanding from my worker. I would recommend ADA to anyone needing help with their addiction.”

If you think you have a problem with alcohol and/or drugs and want to turn your life around, then Alcohol & Drugs Action (ADA) is here to help. We provide high level, professional support and advice not only to alcohol and drug users but also to families and friends who want to learn how they can play a part helping a loved one or friend on the road to recovery. We can support you online, on the phone or face to face.

Drop-in sessions

We hold drop-in sessions seven days a week for those who require support around alcohol and/or drug use. Sessions are available from our city centre, Hadden Street office and at a number of city locations (please contact us for further details). Drop-in sessions provide the following services:

Structured one-to-one support

Many of the people that we help prefer structured one-to-one support with an allocated worker who will support with a tailored programme to suit individual needs. This structured one-to-one support is designed to:

Family & Friends Support Group

Our Family & Friends Support Group provides confidential support and advice for families and friends of alcohol and/or drug users in a safe and welcoming environment. Two workers attend the group to provide:

The group meets every two weeks in Aberdeen city. New members are seen on an individual basis by a worker prior to attending group meetings to ensure that the group is appropriate for them. Please contact us for more information on how to join the group.

Recovery Groups

These groups are aimed at people in recovery and offer:

The Recovery Groups (include opportunities to participate in activities over several days each week in Aberdeen city. Please contact us for more information on how to join the groups.


Alcohol & Drugs Action Peer Toolbox (ADAPT) is an in-house Recovery focused meeting. ADAPT is called so, as ADA’s approach to recovery is flexible to the needs of those attending, and it will provide structure and use of recovery focused tools in full collaboration between facilitators and participants.

Meetings are open to all (and therefore does not exclude participants who use other recovery meetings, tools and/or settings)

The overall approach is one designed to be instructive and supportive but also empowering and aspirational, and as such will encourage openness in generating recovery focused discussions, all with the purpose of supporting self-managed change. ADAPT will not be a substitute for other forms of treatment and support in its own right, but will provide a recovery focus for any individual for whom other interventions and support are ongoing.

Groups will run to the principles of safety, confidentiality and mutual respect and will also provide their own governance and rules as laid down in direct agreement between participants and facilitators. ADAPT will encourage the involvement of lived-experience co-facilitation by suitably trained ADA volunteers wherever possible.

Meetings will specifically provide direct linkage and insight (as well as a regular recovery meeting place) for anyone currently involved in or indeed wishing to join ADA’s Drug & Alcohol Recovery Training (DART) recovery coaching (SQA accredited) programme.


Drugs & Alcohol Recovery Training is a Scottish Credits & Qualifications Framework (SCQF) accredited training scheme, delivered here at ADA. Comprising two, interlinked courses - Self Coaching and Recovery Coaching, it assists people wishing to identify and use the tools required to take them on a path of recovery from problematic drug and/or alcohol use.

The Self Coaching Certificate (2 x SCQF Level 5 credits; equivalent to Scottish Vocational Qualification (SVQ) Level 2) is a 6 session course focusing on self awareness, self management and people skills. Successful completion of this course opens access to Recovery Coaching.

The Recovery Coaching (4 x SCQF Level 7 credits; equivalent to SVQ Level 7) is a 5 session continuation of self coaching and covers coaching as a support to others, the Skilled Recovery Coach, the Reflective Practitioner and Case Study Coaching. Essentially, this equips the participants with the knowledge, confidence and tools to assist others in recovery and opens up opportunities to become an ADA Volunteer.

For more information, click here to view our DART Flyer.


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