Alcohol & Drugs Action

Supporting those affected by alcohol and/or drugs, their families and friends in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire (Central & South).

Client quote: Aabody kens if ye're bothered aboot a quine or loon that's drugs are aa ower the back o, that ADA can sort tham oot. ADA ken aathing aboot drugs. They're gye guid. Gie tham a phone! (For non-Doric speakers: Everyone knows if you're worried about a girl or guy whose drug use is out of control, then ADA can help. ADA has a great knowledge of substances. They're very good. Give them a call.)

*** FREEPHONE US ON 0333 3 448 355 ***

Coronavirus & Our Services

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** NEW INFO - FREEPHONE HELPLINE NUMBER - 0333 3 448 355 (01224 594700 WILL CONTINUE TO WORK ALSO) - free from landlines and inclusive Pay Monthly packages. PAYG mobiles will be charged**

Please click HERE to be re-directed to advice and information on coronavirus (COVID-19). You can also use the 'search' button to find our page on the virus.

Please click HERE to be re-directed to 'Available Services' which details what we are operating at present (page under development).

Our recently launched ADA Online Chat is available 1200-1300 & 1400-1700 daily. The additional coverage between 1900-2100 Tuesday & Thursday is temporarily stopped at present.

"You’ll be connected to someone from our experienced team. They’ll introduce themselves and ask for your first name. They will then ask you some questions to understand what you’re worried about. You’ll be able to talk about your concerns and how you’re feeling.

They will give you any advice and guidance they think will be helpful to you, and can explain your options for getting more help including the range of services that ADA offer"

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Main Office:
Alcohol & Drugs Action (ADA), 7 Hadden Street, Aberdeen, AB11 6NU, Scotland

Alcohol & Drugs Action is a registered charity and a company limited by guarantee.
Funding is received from NHS Grampian, Aberdeen City Council, Aberdeenshire Council, Scottish Government and from donations.
Scottish Charity Number SC013582.

Alcohol & Drugs Action Recovery Services is registered with the Care Inspectorate, No CS2016346966