Recovery Month

Posted on September 19, 2017

October is Recovery Month Scotland

This month is recovery month where we aim across Scotland to shine a light on recovery from alcohol and drug problems.  In the North East, ADA is privileged to support people to achieve recovery, offering a range of easy to access supports to help people begin and achieve a lasting recovery.

Here is Lisa’s Story

Lisa, from Seaton started using drugs when she was 17 and continued to use throughout her adult life until a year ago. 

“My recovery started last year. Addiction is a very selfish behaviour and it massively impacts on your children, your family and friends. It was so devastating but it made me think: firstly, what’s the point of my life? Then I realised the point of my life is that I still need to be here for when my kids are older. I want them to see me as a good role model. I don’t want them repeating the same paths as I went down.

A year ago, I did a confidence building course which helped me start recovery. I then went to the Foyer and did Life-shaper and the Reach programme.  I am now doing the ADA recovery coaching course and go to peer led support as well.  The groups have given me purpose. I was isolated when I came off drugs. It was really nerve wracking to go along to something at first but they are brilliant services, they helped motivate me, I learned to trust other people again. I learned that recovery is possible you learn a lot from other people, getting skills and advice from how they cope with life in recovery.

If someone is reading this and struggling with a drug or alcohol problem, I would say to them:

Do you want to live like this forever? What do you want from your life? You can be capable of anything.  It’s just about taking each day at a time, not overthinking everything and not doing negative thinking. I do positive affirmations every day and use breathing exercises.

I am a good person. I won’t let the past and my guilt ruin my future.

Without my family and friends, I wouldn’t be in such a good place. I’ve started taking responsibility for my actions. My family see a totally different person. I am now looking for a job. My goal is to help people out there that are in similar situations to give people hope.

I want  to shout out recovery is possible. Everybody’s recovery is different but it’s possible for everyone.

Everyone knows it’s not easy to turn your life around, but there is help there. Start with ADA.”



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